Vitiligo is a skin disease of uncertain nature and common disorder of depigmentation or white patches on skin which might be focal at one place or even generalised throughout the body. It affects 1-2/100 people and both sexes equally. The melanocyte in the affected area loose their melanin pigment and become perfectly white.

The choice of therapy depends upon number of white patches, how widespread they are, stability and responsiveness to previous medical treatment like UV-A or UV-B therapy.

Vitiligo surgeries like PUNCH GRAFTING, SUCTION BLISTER GRAFTING, NON CULTURED MELANOCYTE TRANSFER OR MELANOCYTE TRANSPLANT is performed at DERMASOLUTIONS clinic by Dr Sandeep and his team. The latest technique of Non cultured Melanocyte Suspension is done by taking very ultra thin skin graft from normaly pigmented areas like thighs or buttocks and then melanocyte suspension is prepared by a specialised lab technique of centrifugation and incubation etc. .

The area where the graft needs to be implanted is superficially dermabraded and prepared for the transfer of the melanocyte suspension. Small portion of pigmented skin can cover big vitiliginous or white patches and cosmetically looks very natural once the pigment uptake happens. Dressing is usually removed after 7 days and best results are seen after 3-6 months of surgery. .

MELANOCYTE TRANSPLANT is the latest and most sophisticated VITILIGO SURGERY and is carried under aegis of Dr Sandeep Mahaptara at DERMASOLUTIONS CLINIC for giving hope to thousands of patients suffering from Vitiligo.