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Derma Solutions is one of the best Hair and Skin Clinic in Bangalore. Doctor is very humble and calm. He always made me feel comfortable during my skin procedures. I had a great experience all throughout my treatment.Thanks a lot for all your continuous care and nice treatment.

-Ayaskant Choudhury

Myself Dr Manoj Waghmare and I am a aspiring hair transplant surgeon and when it came to my own Hair transplant none other than Dr Sandeep I could think of. He is my good friend. He is a blessed , experienced and skilled hair transplant surgeon and in my mind I always knew that if I have to go for the transplant , it ll be none other than Dr Sandeep. I waited for a year to get a chance to go to banglore and finally I did the surgery was absolutely painless and quick. It's been 3 weeks now . And I am expecting good growth.

-Dr. Manoj Waghmare

Dr sandeep is very experienced and professional. My injections were absolutely painless and i had no reaction.he was able to put me at ease and listened carefully to what i was hoping d outcome.i feel d immediate results just after d surgery. I couldn't be more pleased. Certainly worth it and i fully recommend dr sandeep for required people. Cause results spoke itself.


Dr Sandeep and his team is expert and very professional. They provided free consultation and detailed explanation of procedure before performing hair transplant. They also told me about all options available which helped in making the right choice. I have got amazing results after 6 months. I feel that my money is invested in right place. Thanks to Dr Sandeep and His Team.

-Mahendra Singh Rathore

Dr. Sandeep mahapatra is very helpful person "The environment in the clinic place have so much positive energy." "Excellent team work and lovely staff great results of surgery. best wishes"

-Avadhesh Yadav

I got the transplantation done on 2nd dec 2018. Doctor is highly experienced in performing the surgery and has great credentials. Staffs are really nice. So far things look pretty good. I will have to wait for another couple of months to see the result. But as of now I am fully satisfied. My high recommendations. You will be in safe hands for sure.

-Manish Kumar

The procedure is very simple and the whole experience is very pleasant, all thanks to Dr Sandeep and his team. Underwent the procedure 6 months ago, and I have seen great results. Would recommend anyone who's looking to get the procedure done.

-Ajil G

I have completed NFT one month back .I can see the good result and no complications till now. Dr Sandeep and his team is well experienced and humble

-Subhashis Biswal

I'm taking chemical peel at DERMA SOLUTIONS CLINIC with Dr.Sandeep for my pigmentation problem .Now I'm getting good result and really it is working good I'm very happy now with my result.

I can recommend this Doctor as a good Doctor for all skin related problems

-Sowmya Sonu

I had taken skin treatment from Dr. Sandeep Mahapatra, got very good result!

-Amrita Majumdar

I'm taking laser toning and chemical peels treatment for my pigmentation issue and getting good results for that Thanks to Dr. Sandeep and staff for taking good care of my skin .

-Manju Vani

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Very happy with Dr Sundeep Mahapatra's consultation regarding my skin condition. His knowledge and expertise in skin related issues is amazing. Highly recommend this Doctor. I was running late for my appointment but Doctor and staff were very kind to move my appointment an hour later with all smiles.


Doctor is very friendly. He gives enough time to explain all the problems. Even after the consultation if any problem arise he gives his Valueable advice. I m satisfied with his treatment.

-Puspita Hazra

Awesome 👍. Friendly doctor .Can ask all your doubt , symptoms and cure . I visited once for my skin fungus infection,he had prescribed some medicine, after taking medicine 3 days , ** ***** * highly recommend


Good experience satisfied with treatment. Dr briefed the condition and medication well. Clinic is quite good and all dermatological treatment are available.

-Verified Patient

I have been to Dr. Sandeep after a long research of Hair Transplants done in Bangalore. Also I did consider options outside Bangalore. However logistics related issues made me discard that option.
I had one consultation with Dr. Sandeep and decided to go ahead. WHY??? Well he seemed reliable. I was clear on one point that I wanted to do my transplant with a Dr and not a clinic with a brand.
3rd February 2019, 9:30 AM I was at the new clinic of Neo Follicle (Derma Solutions) for the surgery.
They kept it simple, explained pros and cons. Most important they are approachable. And they know that we come with our own research.
Day of Surgery: Clean environment (Mind you I was at the new clinic). No comments on the equipments used as I am not an expert. All I liked as an end user is that they made me comfortable. Was I scared? Yes a bit.
Punctuality: Good
During Surgery: Let me answer the biggest question. PAAAINNN: Well its a surgery, now pain is a personal perception. To me I felt only needle pricks at times, similar to when you get blood tests done. Anesthesia is used with sleeping tablets so basically you wont know even if they drill your head.
So is there a fear of PAIN, not really.. Its absolutely manageable. That is surely not a thing to hold you back. Atleast in my case.
The most difficult part is lying down for like 6-7 hours. Specially extraction as you need to sleeping looking down.
Second half, I missed a TV :) Would have been bit more fun. Althouh Dr. Sandeep sings well :)
Post Surgery: Medicines were provided and explained dos and dont's. Pain: Not at all. Only problem was to lie down as the extraction zone is packed with a bandage.
Day After Surgery: Bandage removed, and healing starts. Pain: No
A week after surgery: Healing almost compelte.
After two weeks: Checkup with DR
A month Later (NOW): Shedding period is on. Few hairs shedded off. Which is said to be normal.
Medicines continue and can see existing hair grow a bit.
FINALLY, Am I happy. Well with Derma Solutions yes.
RESULTS, now thats something I will have to wait and comment. Dr. says I should get good results. But thats the inevitable bad part of the technique. You need to wait and watch. Will check up next in 2 months.
Price: I dont want to disclose, but it was a fair deal and reasonable compared to all other clinics I went. As long as I get good results I will be happy.
However please note maintenance is a costly affair.
Who Performs the Surgery: Dr. Sandeep himself, in presence of his team. That was my primary condition and I thank him for being their throughout.
Conclusion: I would refer Derma solutions with what I went through till now. Results as said will have to wait.

-Raktim Atreya