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Derma Solutions skin and hair clinic Bangalore is a leading centre for skin care, hair transplant and weight management, centered on the passion and vision of Dr. Sandeep Mahapatra a well known Dermatologist and a leader in the hair restoration industry.

Derma Solutions is supported by a staff of qualified & experienced aesthetic practitioners & doctors, who specialize in offering a unique range of invasive & non-invasive medical skin & hair treatments.

Skin Treatments

Derma Solutions is a specialized skin clinic offering a complete range of skincare solutions for all skin types. Professionals at Derma Solutions help you solve any skin related issues and make sure you get your confidence back to where it should be. Whether you are looking for laser hair removal, get rid of acne, or looking to reduce scars, our dermatologists offers the right treatment to ensure you get exactly what you need.

Hair Treatments

Hair loss has become a major concern today as hair is considered as a “crowning glory” of an individual and symbolises one’s personality. Reaching out to the right hair restoration specialist is no more a hassle. It is truly the fine hands of the experienced hair transplant surgeon who has innovated this unique treatment called Neo Follicle Hair Transplant (NFT) which is practised at Derma Solutions that is painless and gives long lasting results.

Cosmetic Treatments

Cosmetic Dermatology is the most sought after branch of medical care as it focuses on beauty and appearance. Today is generation are quite conscious of their natural beauty as the first impression is created by good looks and appearance.Hence in order to improve or enhance the texture of the skin, reach out to the best cosmetologist who provides the best solution for a great look.






Laser patients


Derma Solutions is one of the best Hair and Skin Clinic in Bangalore. Doctor is very humble and calm. He always made me feel comfortable during my skin procedures. I had a great experience all throughout my treatment.Thanks a lot for all your continuous care and nice treatment.

Ayaskant Choudhury

Myself Dr Manoj Waghmare and I am a aspiring hair transplant surgeon and when it came to my own Hair transplant none other than Dr Sandeep I could think of. He is my good friend. He is a blessed , experienced and skilled hair transplant surgeon and in my mind I always knew that if I have to go for the transplant , it ll be none other than Dr Sandeep. I waited for a year to get a chance to go to banglore and finally I did the surgery was absolutely painless and quick. It's been 3 weeks now . And I am expecting good growth.

Dr. Manoj Waghmare

Dr sandeep is very experienced and professional. My injections were absolutely painless and i had no reaction.he was able to put me at ease and listened carefully to what i was hoping d outcome.i feel d immediate results just after d surgery. I couldn't be more pleased. Certainly worth it and i fully recommend dr sandeep for required people. Cause results spoke itself.


Dr Sandeep and his team is expert and very professional. They provided free consultation and detailed explanation of procedure before performing hair transplant. They also told me about all options available which helped in making the right choice. I have got amazing results after 6 months. I feel that my money is invested in right place. Thanks to Dr Sandeep and His Team.

Mahendra Singh Rathore